Write for your target audience

It's simple to simply write and write, without specific reader in mind. The problem with this way of writing is that no one really interested to read these texts. Always keep the reader in mind. Also realize that your website should write your entire target audience: current customers, potential customers, investors, employees, etc. Imagine these people for as busy, impatient people online are looking to gather the necessary information as soon as possible. The more you ask the question "if I were a potential customer would be, what would I want to know", hoeeffectiever your web content will be.

Be direct

People on the web are looking for information; If you she helps this information easy to find, they will thank you for it. If you are they difficult to hide by the most important information in the second or third paragraph, it would well be that no one will read your article really. These visitors will probably not even return to your web site. Research indicates that online readers scan a page first and then decide if they begin to read, which means that they might not see the important information like this does not stand out in the text on your page.
The same is applicable for the search engines. Search engines want to see keywords in your page titles, meta data and headers in the text. If they cannot be found, the search engines will be able to index your page not optimal, and therefore people will perhaps never find your information.

Titles in the text must be short and powerful

The hoofdiin the text on a Web page are hugely important. Take a look at the structure of this article. You can very quickly the entire page "scanning" in order to find the information most relevant to you. Titles must contain those people often use keywords to search in the search engines. Keywords are the words that people entering, for example, in Google to find a page. Therefore, if you write about x and y, use x and y in the page titles, meta data, headers in the text and the text itself.

Use powerful lyrics

Write your content convincing and confident. If you are writing about the largest or best X, say so too! Also always make clear to the reader what you want him or she does: "Download this document", "join today for our newsletter", "buy from us, and for these reasons!", etc. Say what you want to say on a so powerful and clear possible way.

Use the correct link technique

Use links to other Web sites or documents that contain additional information. Make sure that the visitor can find more information than what is read is on the current page. If you make a statement, strengthen them with numbers and charts, links to relevant websites (obviously not to the competition), links to other pages or documents on your website, use advertisements on your site to relevant products or services. You want more information and encourage the visitor to use them if he wanted to.