Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Online Marketing Strategy

Who is your online audience? Which online channels put competitors successful in? What are the online trends and developments in your market?
It is important to first clear frames on to imagine what you online playing field is to allocate budget to, for example, Display or Search before. Expand Online helps with the mapping of this playing field and determines on the basis of these observations the best online approach. We do this by means of a phased road map:

1. Inventory: understanding current situation

Baseline assessment

By means of a baseline assessment of the current results, competition analysis and online benchmarks we make an inventory of the current situation. Using analytics data from the website, data of the current online channels, benchmark studies, interviews with employees and external data sources.

Target group research: Customer journey

At least as important as analyzing the current situation is the insight in the (online) customer journey. The Dutch consumer orients itself through multiple touch points and devices. Expand Online brings the online behavior of your target audience and provides insight into how your target group (s) move through about the different online media.

2. Online strategy

Feasibility: determining goals

Once we understand the current position, the starting point in card and clarity in online behavior, we determine which objectives are achievable. It looks at the overall growth objectives of the Organization, analyzed what objectives per online channel are achievable and determines which conversion growth the website can go through. This forecast of objectives and expected results form the basis of the channel design, optimizations and evaluations.

Filling per channel

Expand Online believes in a comprehensive approach channels, media and devices. It is important to have a good understanding of the attribution of the different channels in the process. Each phase in this process requires a specialized approach, in which per phase most suitable channels are recommended. Here we create a matrix of possible online channels such as Search, Display and Social Media, and plotting we these channels via the Catch-Connect-Convert (3 c) model on the customer journey of the customer. In our strategy takes into account the marketing calendar and synergy between the Online and offline media Expand online resources of bet. The chosen strategy is through a clear (years) planning mapped and presented by means of a consultation.

3. Optimization results

After the channel elaboration and launch of the campaigns is continuously monitored what results there are posted. These results are compared with the prearranged objectives and, where necessary, adjusted. Also looks at innovations such as new SEA tools, which can improve the results.

4. Reporting, sharing of knowledge and evaluation

Results are on week, month or quarterly basis presented in clear reports. In evaluation meetings are the chosen approach and results reviewed and where necessary updated, in accordance with previously issued targets. Expand Online believes in an integrated strategy in which synergy between media and resources deployed. In the evaluations is then also looked at the marketing calendar with upcoming actions are defined. Also broader business developments. In addition, Expand Online knowledge sessions and workshops on a regular basis so that you are aware of the latest developments.